The Empath of Amneshah. Book One: Turba

The Empath of Amneshah. Book One: Turba

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The trading standards space vessel qSpitfireq is illegally boarded by a suicidal empath and three fleeing Fashinians on the run from a state warship. Somehow the mindless bureaucracy of local government casts its spell and comes to the rescue... albeit through twists and turns that include subterfuge, mind control, DNA switching and blowing stuff up; all strictly against corporate policy. Turba is the first book in the Empath of Amneshah trilogy which first introduces the unforgettable Turba and the unforgivable Marcus and recounts their struggle with their own and each other's demons in order to find love, peace and great sex... though not with each other.... Cindee, what were you saying?a€ a€œWea#39;ve had one death this month due to a malfunction in the shredder on loading bay twelve. ... a€œAnd, dona#39;t bother with the stat report, send out a repair team to fix the shredder. I cana#39;t imagine why they didna#39;tanbsp;...

Title:The Empath of Amneshah. Book One: Turba
Author:J. E. Hoyes - 2005-12


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