The Empire Strikes Out

The Empire Strikes Out

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Is the face of American baseball throughout the world that of goodwill ambassador or ugly American? Has baseball crafted its own image or instead been at the mercy of broader forces shaping our society and the globe? The Empire Strikes Out gives us the sweeping story of how baseball and America are intertwined in the export of a€œthe American way.a€ From the Civil War to George W. Bush and the Iraq War, we see baseballa€™s role in developing the American empire, first at home and then beyond our shores. And from Albert Spalding and baseballa€™s first World Tour to Bud Selig and the World Baseball Classic, we witness the globalization of Americaa€™s national pastime and baseballa€™s role in spreading the American dream. Besides describing baseballa€™s frequent and often surprising connections to Americaa€™s presence around the world, Elias assesses the effects of this relationship both on our foreign policies and on the sport itself and asks whether baseball can play a positive role or rather only reinforce Americaa€™s dominance around the globe. Like Franklin Foer in How Soccer Explains the World, Elias is driven by compelling stories, unusual events, and unique individuals. His seamless integration of original research and compelling analysis makes this a baseball book thata€™s about more than just sports.If MLB ever frees itself from U.S. Cu an policy, then these problems coul be solved. ... League Problems: Baseballa#39;s Broken System of Cuban Defection, a€ Boston College Third World Law Journal 25 (2005), 383a€”428; ... An American Sports Writer in Cuba Lauds the Universal Lan uage of Beisbol, a€ Colorado Springs Independent 7:14 (April 14, 1999), 16; ... Weiss, a€œThe Changing Face of Baseball: In an Age of Globalization, 15 Baseball Still as American as Apple Pie and Chevrolet?

Title:The Empire Strikes Out
Author:Robert Elias
Publisher:New Press, The - 2010-01-19


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