The Employer Bill of Rights

The Employer Bill of Rights

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The Employer Bill of Rights: A Managera€™s Guide to Workplace Law is a practical handbook designed to help managers and business owners navigate the ever-changing maze of labor and employment laws, rules, and regulations. Many people believe that in the employer/employee relationship, the employer holds the cards. The reality, however, is that American employees are not at a lack for workplace rights. A veritable alphabet soup of laws protect employees in the workplacea€”Title VII (prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin), PDA (prohibits pregnancy discrimination), ADEA (prohibits age discrimination), ADA and ADAAA (prohibit disability discrimination), USERRA (protects returning veterans), FMLA (permits family and medical leave), FLSA (regulates minimum wage, overtime, and child labor), and many others. All these laws lead managers to become fearful of making personnel decisions that mighta€”and sometimes doa€”result in expensive lawsuits. But employers dona€™t need to act, or react, in fear. This book shows managers and owners how to assert their rights to protect their investment in people, operations, facilities, and other assets to ensure a more productive and profitable workplace. The Employer Bill of Rights: A Managera€™s Guide to Workplace Law aids employers in navigating choppy personnel waters. It instructs employers on the ins and outs of the various laws. It provides employers with the confidence to make hiring, firing, and other personnel decisions free from the fear of litigation. No personnel decision or policy is litigation-proof, but The Employer Bill of Rights: A Managera€™s Guide to Workplace Law will help businesses make informed decisions to hedge against the biggest blunders and errors that too often result in expensive and time-consuming lawsuits. The Employer Bill of Rights: Explains, practically and without legalese, the key legal issues that managers face on a daily basis in managing their employees. Describes how to make personnel decisions that will help you avoid costly litigation. Tackles cutting-edge human resources issues such as wage-and-hour disputes and managing social media in the workplace. What youa€™ll learn How to hire and fire employee without the fear of an expensive discrimination lawsuit. How to legally pay your employees under the complex and confusing regulatory scheme imposed by the Fair Labor Standards Act, in addition to legally granting or denying leave of absence requests. The who, what, why, when, where, and how of each of the major federal employment discrimination acts. The key provisions you need in your employee handbook, and how to draft them. How to maintain a bona fide a€œopen doora€ to avoid problems with retaliation or union organizinga€”as well as to promote an amicable workplace. How to control your operations by implementing legal policies and procedures related to plant shut downs, employee scheduling, work rules and policies, and the maintenance of confidential, critical information. Record keeping practices designed to support your decisions. Why it matters that you follow the Golden Rule in all personnel matters with your employees. Who this book is for The Employer Bill of Rights: A Managera€™s Guide to Workplace Law targets the owners of small to mid-size businesses and the managers that work in them. These businesses usually lack a dedicated in-house counsel responsible for, or knowledgeable in, labor and employment law. They often may also lack a human resources department. Without these internal resources, such businesses often shoot from the hip when making hiring, firing, pay, and other personnel decisions. Because of the intricacies and nuances of the ever-changing world of labor and employment law, these decisions can lead to costly mistakes. This book ensures that each personnel decision is made with the lawa€”and the companya€™s best interestsa€”in employee, no matter whether the employee wrote it from work or outside of work. There should be ... How will social media intersect with your broader harassment, technology, and confidentiality policies? Employment policies do not workanbsp;...

Title:The Employer Bill of Rights
Author:Jonathan T. Hyman
Publisher:Apress - 2012-11-21


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