The End of Days Survival Guide

The End of Days Survival Guide

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There you are with your grande latte and designer sunglasses pushed up in your hair, wondering what book to buy. Are you ready if the sh*t hits the fan? Your supercomputer cell phone will either set you on $re or won't work at all, and your total lack of preparedness will make you one of the $rst victims. Just put this one back on the shelf because you don't really believe in this 'Apocalypse' garbage anyway. Your soft hands and sad excuse for a desk job have left you utterly worthless in a survival sense, and the fact that you just looked at your hands con$rms it. There are plenty of safe picture books, with large, simple words that will not intimidate you. Just keep droning on mindlessly at your meaningless job and forget that our existence on this planet could end at a moment's notice.Now you should have some mili- repower, can start recruiting your own army of sur- ts, and can name yourselves a clever acronym such as hi Undertaking of Crusader Knights (FUCK) that -ike fear into the hearts of the JOKE and the SCAM .

Title:The End of Days Survival Guide
Author:Philip Mackey
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2011-05


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