The Engine of Complexity

The Engine of Complexity

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The concepts of evolution and complexity theory have become part of the intellectual ether permeating the life sciences, the social and behavioral sciences, and more recently, management science and economics. In this new title, John Mayfield elegantly synthesizes core concepts from across disciplines to offer a new approach to understanding how evolution works and how complex organisms, structures, organizations, and social orders can and do arise based on information theory and computational science. This is a big picture book intended for the intellectually adventuresome. While not deeply technical or mathematical in style, the text challenges readers and rewards them with a nuanced understanding of evolution and complexity that offers consistent, durable, and coherent explanations for major aspects of our life experiences. Numerous examples throughout the book illustrate evolution and complexity formation in action and highlight the core function of computation lying at the heart of the book.The ancient Egyptians had a unique name for each number between one and one thousand. ... Thus, as I write this sentence, the number of human beings on the planet Earth is estimated to be seven billion, seventy-two ... In a year the count would be up to $13, 140, 000 and in a lifetime, approximately 1 billion dollars.

Title:The Engine of Complexity
Author:John E. Mayfield
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2013-08-20


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