The English Resistance

The English Resistance

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In 1066 the English were conquered by the infamous invader, William the Conqueror. However, this is not the whole story. The English did not roll over and die before their suppressorsa€”far from it. Peter Rex brings to life the resistance, from those who allied themselves with the new regime to those who went a€œundergrounda€ to subvert it such as Hereward the Wake and Edric the Wild. Rex examines Williama€™s pacification attempts, alongside his notorious a€œharryinga€ of the north.GOVERNMENT BY PUNITIVE EXPEDITION William did not make the mistake a lesser commander might have made. He left his local commanders in the affected areas to deal with their own problems and concentrated on preventing the Danes from ... Trent and the Aire, where removal of the only bridge delayed him for three weeks until a ford was found, enabling him to reach York. ... He allowed the Danes limited foraging for supplies and even promised to send them some himself.

Title:The English Resistance
Author:Peter Rex
Publisher:Tempus Pub Limited - 2006


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