The Epilepsy and Osteoporosis Link

The Epilepsy and Osteoporosis Link

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Vaccinations, which attack the central nervous system are the basis for all neurological disorders in the absence of a head injury. Upon the establishing of a chronic medical condition, the individual is left with no choice except to take medication to treat the disorder. With a lot of the earlier medications responsible for bone density loss, the medication taken as a result of vaccinations results in secondary osteoporosis. At twenty-six years of age, Eliot had just moved to Phoenix, Arizona to get a fresh start on life. He never expected to have a problem with osteoporosis. When Eliot found himself paralyzed on the floor after a seizure, he realized that there was a definite battle that was to be fought. The Epilepsy and Osteoporosis Link is an emotionally-driven memoir which chronicles the journey that the author took to answer a question he had been asking for twenty years. The author also chronicles the journey down a path never travelled as he attempts to get his story released to the world.Chapter 5 The Aftermath: Development Hell I am sitting at my computer, my mind going in and out of consciousness. ... With no weather fronts, I dona#39;t have to worry too much about seizures, but I am getting eight hours of sleep a€“ just not at the same time I would normally get it. ... after being cancelled due to more than $50, 000 in medical expenses, I had to find a way to get a normal life back in my hands.

Title:The Epilepsy and Osteoporosis Link
Author:Eliot Trimberger
Publisher:Eliot Trimberger - 2004-10


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