The Essential Civil War

The Essential Civil War

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From 1861 through 1865, strife tore apart the United States. So divided was the country that even today, there are practically two versions of Civil War history--Confederate and Union. Attempting to sort out this record is not made any easier by the fact that there is no official nomenclature. The South, for example, tended to name battles based on the nearest town or region, while the North generally referred to the same skirmish by the nearest landmark or geographical feature. Therefore, finding the facts with a minimum of information can be a daunting task. This book brings together in an easy-to-use format the essential facts of the Civil War. The book aims to be quickly and precisely informative rather than comprehensive. The first section concentrates on individual topics, each of which is organized alphabetically and thoroughly cross-referenced. These provide details regarding the battles, armies and commanders of the Civil War. In the second half of the work, information is presented chronologically. Each year is chronicled, with all significant happenings listed by date. Appendices provide a glossary of contemporary terms; an alphabetical listing of ships from both navies; and basic biographical information on all commanders.A Handbook to the Battles, Armies, Navies and Commanders Jayne E. Blair ... Peoplea#39;s courts sprang up to try anyone suspected of being disloyal or who spoke out against the Confederacy. ... Sometimes, a list would be posted in front of the news oa€ice and groups would gather daily to see if their husband, brother or son was listed. ... Others, like General Grant, opposed the idea of having a newspaper reporter in camp and often ran them out, sometimes accompanied by an armedanbsp;...

Title:The Essential Civil War
Author:Jayne E. Blair
Publisher:McFarland - 2006-07-05


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