The Evans Guide for Housetraining Your Dog

The Evans Guide for Housetraining Your Dog

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One Important Reason for the success of the human/dog relationship is the dog's ability to adapt to human environments and requirements. Housetraining is a prime example, but when humans qhumanizeq housetraining, points out the Evans Guide, the result is havoc. Now, for all puppies and older dogs and their owners, celebrated dog trainer Job Michael Evans presents a sensible, effective approach to do the job once, fast and right. The author's Access system is a powerful tool that gets the results you want. Learn how to give a qcorrection with a connectionq so Rascal knows his mistake and not to repeat it. The support you need to succeed, in the form of handy schedules, summary sheets, photos and diagrams are all included. There are also important, special chapters for trainers, breeders, pet store operators and shelter personnel to help clients with housetraining. With understanding and humor, Job Michael Evans guides you through the housetraining process to move you and your dog to a lasting partnership--the human/dog relationship as it was meant to be.Even if the pet store operator changes the paper several times a day, if even one stool is spread around when pups play, ... an animal shelter knows that one of the chief reasons owners drop off unwanted pets is that they are not housetrained.

Title:The Evans Guide for Housetraining Your Dog
Author:Job Michael Evans
Publisher:*Howell Book House - 1987-01-28


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