The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with OCD

The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with OCD

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OCD can make a childa€™s life difficult, turning simple tasks like homework and chores into almost impossible challenges. A child with OCD may feel stressed, worried, and even inadequate. Parents who suspect their child is suffering from OCDa€”or parents of a child with an OCD diagnosisa€”can now rest. This helpful guide helps parents with many issues: recognize symptoms; get an accurate diagnosis; find the right doctor and therapist; develop strategies for tackling schoolwork; and decide on the right treatment. Parents will learn how to talk to a child about OCD and devise coping strategies for school, sports, friendships, and other everyday situations. Children with OCD can learn how to enjoy lifea€”without all the worry!Your goal as the parent of a child with OCD is to help her reach a level of symptom management where she can thrive and be ready to embrace life as it comes. What that means ... Independence. Paradoxically, when the debilitating symptoms of OCD are gotten under control, there are advantages related to having OCD for many young adults who may have always thought of themselves as its a€œsufferers.

Title:The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with OCD
Author:Stephen Martin, Victoria Costello
Publisher:Everything Books - 2008-08-17


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