The Everything Small Dogs Book

The Everything Small Dogs Book

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If you live in a compact apartment or don't have much of a yard, a small dog may be just right for you. Weighing in at under 25 pounds and no taller than 16 inches at the shoulders, these smaller breeds are often better suited to today's living spaces. In fact, according to the AKC, more people than ever are buying small dogs for these very reasons. But with so many breeds to choose from, how do you pick the one that's right for you? The Everything Small Dogs Book is the ultimate guide to help you navigate a plethora of breeds and how to care for them. Packed with all the breed and dog-care basics you need, The Everything Small Dogs Book will help you pair up with the right pooch! cites several factors that may cause a dog to bite: - Dominance aggression: Aggressive behavior ... Defensive or fear aggression: Directed at family or strangers who approach too quickly or too closely when the dog is afraid .

Title:The Everything Small Dogs Book
Author:Kathy Salzberg
Publisher:Adams Media - 2005-10-31


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