The Everything Yorkshire Terrier Book

The Everything Yorkshire Terrier Book

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Yorkshire terriers are one of the most loveable, loyal, and playful breeds around - which explains why they're continually among the top ten most popular breeds in America! Their humble size makes them ideal for smaller homes and apartments, too. As lively, attentive companions, Yorkies exhibit as much energy as their larger canine counterparts - without taking up all the space! Written by pet expert Cheryl Smith, The Everything Yorkshire Terrier Book is the one handbook you need to help you and your Yorkie make the most of your special bond. With professional advice on nutrition, health care, and grooming, you'll soon become well versed in all your Yorkie's needs. The Everything Yorkshire Terrier Book helps you: Train and socialize your Yorkie Develop a balanced diet and exercise routine Teach effective discipline Identify common health problems Choose a veterinarian And more With advice like this, your Yorkie is in good hands - yours!being able to eat many small meals may both help keep them occupied and keep their metabolism ticking over at a higher rate. A potential drawback of the free- choice method, aside from dogs that overeat, is that you wona#39;t be able to observe anbsp;...

Title:The Everything Yorkshire Terrier Book
Author:Cheryl S. Smith
Publisher:Everything Books - 2005-08-29


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