The Evolution of Mating Systems in Insects and Arachnids

The Evolution of Mating Systems in Insects and Arachnids

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Insects and arachnids display the most impressive diversity of mating and social behavior among all animals. This book investigates sexual competition in these groups, and the variety of ways in which males and females pursue, persuade, manipulate, control and help one another, enabling us to gain a better understanding of how conflicts and confluences of interest evolve together. Each chapter provides a comprehensive review of mating systems in particular insect and arachnid groups, discusses intrinsic and extrinsic factors responsible for observed mating strategies, and suggests fruitful avenues for further research. The book culminates in a synthesis, reviewing the data in terms of the theory of sexual conflict. This broad-based book will be of immense value to students and researchers interested in reproductive strategies, behavioral ecology, entomology and arachnology.Red Deer: Behavior and Ecology of Two Sexes. ... 112: 771-774. Darwin, C. 1871 . The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex. London: John Murray. Davies, N. B., B. ... of day, age, weight and sexual maturity). ... HAclldobler, B. 1976 .

Title:The Evolution of Mating Systems in Insects and Arachnids
Author:Jae C. Choe, Bernard J. Crespi
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1997-06-12


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