The Execution Channel

The Execution Channel

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Fighting has spread across the Middle East and Central Asia to the borders of China. In the US, refugees from climate-change disaster subsist in FEMA camps. Images of official executions circulate on the Internet like al Qaeda videos. State agencies sponsor conspiracy theories as cover-ups. As the troops of the last superpower stand astride the last of the oil, China and Russia aren't the only states considering their options: certain nations of Old Europe are quietly preparing for the worst. James Travis is a middle-aged middle manager in a software company. He has a son in the army, a daughter in a peace-protest camp outside a USAF base, and a compromising relationship with a foreign intelligence service. When his cover is blown hours before a nuclear explosion destroys the base, Travis, his son, and his daughter are all in serious trouble. And as the spooks and disinformation specialists focus their efforts on his capture, Travis knows that all it will take is one mistake and his only memorial will be another grainy video on . . . The Execution Channela#39;Of course, a#39; Roisin said. a#39;Well, the only thing I know that might be relevant to thata€” a#39; a#39;Relevance is our business, a#39; said Gilliland. a#39;Yours is to tell us what you know.a#39; a#39; What I was going to say, a#39; Roisin went on, a#39;is that I saw the device that explodedanbsp;...

Title:The Execution Channel
Author:Ken MacLeod
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-06-07


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