The Exhibitionist

The Exhibitionist

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When Alex Van Winkle, an adventurous farm girl, moves off the farm and onto campus, she vows to make her mark on the world. With the freedom of her new life as a college student, Alex seizes the chance to learn who she really isa€”and who she is, the world is about to learn, is someone who dares to go bare. As she embraces adulthood, Alex comes into her own, reveling in her life as an enthusiastic exhibitionist in search of the ultimate thrill. Along the way, she earns her degree in literature while making a name for herself in the adult entertainment world. The budding porn star enjoys quite the following as she works her way through college creatively. Her new life is a long way from the farm. But her wild, compulsive behavior comes with a price. Her friends struggle to tolerate and understand her need to display herself. Her family, with the exception of two elderly aunts, has difficulty accepting her choicesa€”even if her path takes her to the red carpet as an Academy Award nominee. For a sweet little girl who grew up on a farm, her reality seems more like a dream. Is she ready to pay the price for her new life?Jody sat silently at the table sipping her Diet Coke trying not to make eye contact with any of the guys aiming at not having a good time. ... an attractive coed in a red bandana halter-top and cut-offjean shorts jumped up on the tables. Her long anbsp;...

Title:The Exhibitionist
Author:Jon L. Pope
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-12-17


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