The Experience if Theater for Belly Dancers

The Experience if Theater for Belly Dancers

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Why I Wrote This Book By Morwenna Assaf This book is written to help Middle Eastern dancers, performers and students be more informed and educated about their craft. After being in this business for almost 40 years I have noticed the bulk of Arabic dance teachers are not well informed about dance in general. Most have no dance training at all. My goal is to fill these gaps and help teachers, dancers and students of the dance to be more informed and therefor more professional. Most people just play at belly dancing. They are not true artists at all. This demeans the entire business. It lowers the standards and is why most other dance forms feel we are playing just a game. Education is the only way to overcome this. To be a professional dancer not only means you can dance. It means you are informed about all aspects of the dance and act accordingly. Just as to be able to teach there is so much more to know than just the moves. Performing and presenting shows is a whole discipline in itself. This book provides another side of the dance: To expose you to all aspects of producing shows. But in particular the way to present theater shows at a professionally, acceptable level. We will first expose you to the terminology used in theater production, in general, around the world. You need this terminology to be able to understand what is being asked of you or what things are called when you contact theater people. The second part is to show you to the tried and true ways of having a great theater show experience. How to read this book: Read it in its entirety. Keep this book close at hand for reference. Whenever an unfamiliar term crops up, you can check it out. 1. How to read this book. Read it in its entirety. Keep this book close at hand for reference. Whenever an unfamiliar term crops up, you can check it out. 2. Use each chapter as a reference tool. 3. Use to double check all your work. My goal is to educate you. The terminology is just the beginning, but is universal to all theater forms. It will allow you to be more informed and help you to better your craft. This is the 3rd book I have penned. The first is a book called a€œDance Terminology for Middle Eastern Dance Studiesa€ The other is actually twofold. They are a€œHow to Play Finger Cymbals Correctlya€ and a€œZILLS-ZAGATS Teaching Syllabusa€. The next will be geared to those of you that want to hold better standards in your teaching. a€œKeep the Culture in Arabic Dancea€ a€œCreate Open Borders by being dance educateda€ What This Book is About This book is written to inform you on how to basically approach the handling of a theater show. The first chapter and of most important is set up dictionary style. It lists the basic terminology of theater vocabulary that all dancers regardless of their style should be aware of, from A-Z. Please understand this is not a complete vocabulary and certainly not Middle Eastern terminology. These basic terms are listed to help you have some knowledge before trying to pull off a theater production. It is not complete by any means. There are books on this subject that might lead you to research farther. This book is to get you moving in the right direction The balance of the book is to help guide you through the process of producing the best performance possible with the knowledge you have discovered. This list is by no means complete. Some I have saved for later books but they are equally important. I present them to you with gratitude and the knowing they have made an impact on my life and will on yours too. I wish you all the luck in the future. I give this book to you with my best wishes. The painting on cover was granted permission of use by the wonderful dance artist, extraordinaire, Elisabeth Clark of Boston. Other illustrations are of my own choosing. For a final word! Enjoy and use as a reference tool the rest of your run Belly Dance, Folklore and otherwise with a minimum of interruption from anyone out front. ... Do not depart from the order of the show that will be presented in the performance. ... VIDEO a€“ Number of technicians required Number of cameras and equipment involved Camera locations Shooting schedule Lightinganbsp;...

Title:The Experience if Theater for Belly Dancers
Author:Morwenna Assaf
Publisher:Cedar Productions - 2013-06-28


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