The Extraterrestrial

The Extraterrestrial

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They just stood there. Not six feet away from him. These guys weren't anything like Will Smith in the Men In Black movies. Will played it funny, but these MIBs came across as totally serious, dead serious. . Then the glow in their eyes began to fade. But not their smell. These guys had B.O. worse than the locker room when it was full of sweaty kids. Like rotten eggs. Robots with B.O. Ridiculously un-scary, now David thought about it. He had an insane desire to laugh. How dumb could things get? Here he was, braced to do battle with only a cold stare and an end table for weapons, to fight two bozos with ape-arms and major body odor who just stood there like androids with power failure.. qThings sure happen when you're at Ferguson's, q Todd said thoughtfully. qLooks to me as though it's not Ryan and his friends who bring in the ETs.q Todd stopped lacing his sneaker to give David a quizzical look. qIt's you.qYou can get a strong EM field with a whirling motion, a spin, like the saucer shaped UFOs create. So Todd and I ... while Nuker and Todd explained the project. Talk about an ... a€œBack when I was in school, a kid would have been laughed outanbsp;...

Title:The Extraterrestrial
Author:Jenna Bartlett
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-04


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