The Feeding of Nations

The Feeding of Nations

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In the last decade, the world has grown richer and produced more food than ever before. Yet in that same period, hunger has increased and 925 million remain underfed and malnourished. Exploring this troubling paradox, The Feeding of Nations: Re-Defining Food Security for the 21st Century offers a glimpse into how the simple aspiration of global food security has evolved and unfoldeda€”with sometimes contradictory and counterproductive policies, agendas, and ideologies. Providing a holistic analysis of the issues surrounding food security, this volume engages in a cross-disciplinary approach that makes the subject accessible to readers and academically rigorous in delivery. Topics discussed include: A brief overview of our current understanding of the prevalence of hunger and malnutrition Historical perspectives on the feeding of nations, to understand how we arrived at this point Contemporary motivations that led to the creation of the modern concept of food security The many different sectors related to food security, including agriculture, environment, and policy The goals that society has set regarding food security, the means by which these are to be achieved, and current thoughts on solutions The book contains a broad set of appendices that enable focused study on critical topics presented in the text. Uniquely amalgamating all the disparate elements of food security into one volume, it sets the record straight about the origins and evolution of the phenomenon while dispelling myths along the way.Redefining Food Security for the 21st Century Mark Gibson ... If the cell requires it , the ATP molecule can recombine simple molecules into complex ones for growth and repair; this process is known as ... stored in the liver and skeletal muscle) or as fat in the form of triglycerides (in adipose tissue) providing a storage of energy for later use. ... to the citric acid cycle and subsequently it too is metabolised into NADH and ATP (Albright and Stern 1998; Merck Manual 2005; King 2010).

Title:The Feeding of Nations
Author:Mark Gibson
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-02-15


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