The Feel-Good Hit of the Year

The Feel-Good Hit of the Year

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Liam Pieper was raised by his bohemian parents to believe in freedom and creativity, and that there's nothing wrong with smoking a little marijuana to make life more interesting. A fast learner, Liam combined hippie self-actualisation with gen Y entrepreneurialism. By his early teens he had a fledgling drug habit, and a thriving business selling pot around the suburbs of Melbourne from the back of his pushbike. He picked up important life skills, like how to befriend a deranged jujitsu master, how to impress his girlfriend's mother by getting arrested in front of her, and how to negotiate pocket money based on how much he was charging his parents for an ounce. But from these highs (chemical, financial and otherwise), Liam's life fell to dramatic lows. The muddled flower child became a petty criminal and an amoral coke monster. After a family tragedy and then his arrest on several counts of possession and trafficking, Liam had to consider: had it been a mistake to adopt the practices of a counterculture without any of its ethics?make a bong out of a Gatorade bottle. It was lazy symbolism. It took me a minute to figure out what was happening. I had the vague impression that Mum was screaming and Hamish was crying, but everything else was fuzzy.Ia#39;dlike to say that Ianbsp;...

Title:The Feel-Good Hit of the Year
Author:Liam Pieper
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2014-05-28


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