The Fence in Its Thousandth Year

The Fence in Its Thousandth Year

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Howard Barker's tragedy of identity uses the idea of the frontier both actually and metaphorically. A state attempts to define its character by erecting a fence against outsiders, but it is violated both by strangers and by the transgressive appetite of its ruling class. In the fever of its decadence the kingdom is revealed to have at its core a scandal which is itself the consequence of the breaking of sacred boundaries. Barker's way as a dramatist is always to expose the public crisis through the personal agony of individuals. Photo, the sightless protagonist of this latest work, is the most sophisticated of adolescents, and his blindness is abolished by his acute sensibility. But there is one darkness in his life that cannot be revealed.To follow strawberries in a meringue of ostrich egg and drenched in cognac not any cognac the best the best being La Seigneurie de Pfiste (He stops. A dog barks. PHOTO closes his eyes.) the fence is not beautiful it is nevertheless theanbsp;...

Title:The Fence in Its Thousandth Year
Author:Howard Barker
Publisher:Oberon Books Limited - 2005


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