The Fidelity Files

The Fidelity Files

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A beautiful L.A. woman goes undercover as a qfidelity inspectorq to find out who's faithful and who's not in this dazzling commercial debut. Working under the code name Ashlyn, Jennifer Hunter is hired by suspicious wives and girlfriends to conduct her infamous qfidelity inspectionq on the men in their lives. Between bachelor parties and business trips, qAshlynq has successfully exposed hundreds of unfaithful men. Of course, she never actually sleeps with any of them; she tests for an intention to cheat only. But Jen's double life starts to take its toll and her friends suspect that the reason she hasn't had a date in two years is more complicated than the demands of her supposed qinvestment bankingq career. And when a suspicious email surfaces with her picture on it warning men of her real motives, Jen fears that her secret identity is in danger of being uncovered. Plus, her best friend Sophie now plans to hire qAshlynq for an inspection of her own! Just when it seems like nothing is going her way, Jen meets sexy, sophisticated Jamie Richards. She knows there's no room for romance in her life, but she finds herself more and more drawn to him. It doesn't take long to realize it's time to retire Ashlyn for the sake of true love but not before taking on one last assignment--a job which will change everything.And I was about to throw myself in front of him with a low-cut top and a face full of sultry eye makeup? Had I lost my mind? What kind of a friend even does something like that? I picked up the phone and dialed Sophiea#39;s number from memory.

Title:The Fidelity Files
Author:Jessica Brody
Publisher:Macmillan - 2008-06-10


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