The First Time I

The First Time I

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qProof that a man can feel q Stacey J. McAdoo-Baring My Soul qOne of the leading advocates of the poetic renaissance in the black communityq -Memphis Vaughn-Timbooktu.Com A street-style poetry extravaganza! Walk the enlightening trek with this spoken word collection of poetry, which embraces the heart and mind of a generation. The First Time I exposes tragedies and victories through insightful poems of passion and short story, reflecting on the past, and challenging the reader to chase an evasive future. An eyewitness to the trouble's that plague urban society, a champion against the odds, and an inspirational work of living art originally written for radio, live performances, or someone's living-room-the dial on the meter spins from its energy.His friend could not wait to get out and see what hustle they could get involved with on their daily route. Both of them were full of energy, and would need it to travel all over the city to make money. Their hustle took ... Icared and his friend tried making honest money, but there was too much dishonest money to ignore the lure.

Title:The First Time I
Author:Zamounde S. Allie
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-04


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