The First World War

The First World War

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The well-respected historian Manfried Rauchensteiner analyses the outbreak of World War I, Emperor Franz Joseph's role in the conflict, and how the various nationalities of the Habsburg Monarchy reacted to the disintegration of this 640-year old empire in 1918. After Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination in Sarajevo in 1914, war was inevitable. Emperor Franz Joseph intended it, and everyone in Vienna expected it. How the war began and how Austria-Hungary managed to avoid capitulation only weeks later with the help of German troops reads like a thriller. Manfried Rauchensteiner's book is based on decades of research and is a fascinating read to the very end, even though the final outcome, the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy, is already known. Originally published in German in 2013 by Bohlau, this standard work is now available in English.On the following day, Meinl received a letter from Czernin that must have had the effect of a cold shower: a#39;Your High ... which related to the peoples ofAustria- Hungary, therefore left out any reference to the Treaty of London of 1915 and the anbsp;...

Title:The First World War
Author:Manfried Rauchensteiner
Publisher:Böhlau Verlag Wien - 2014


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