The Flaming Bullet

The Flaming Bullet

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'The Flaming Bullet' attempts to determine all root causes of the disturbances manifest across England in August 2011. It compares recent findings with past riots and their associated motivations. Added to this, it explores racial prejudice, social injustice, civil liberties and taboos pertaining to British society in general. This book is a well-researched example of how hard life is at grass roots level for many impoverished families within modern Britain. It examines the prominent growth of gang culture and lack of role models for our youth emanating from disadvantaged families within our urban sprawls. Moreover, it underlines the importance of having positive role models in all spheres of life for our youth to aspire to. The decline in stable family life, lack of respect and apparent absence of shame within many of society's prominent figures in the political, economic, sporting, celebrity, artistic and and institutional world have set a dismal example for our disillusioned youth. The riots stemmed from a growing culture of entitlement and corresponding lack of opportunity for many who seemingly have no voice. The book acknowledges the pain of the victims who had their businesses and homes destroyed by the looters wanton destruction. Furthermore, this book encapsulates the need for more openness within our criminal justice system and purports to a fairer world where the greed of corporate bankers, politicians and leaders is replaced by transparency, help for the poor, freedom of expression and a more liberated society.was high and many who had seen the news and read up about the development on its website were eager to see whether the centre ... There is even a casino, which was opened in the following December, which reflects the gambling and commercial nature of the Britain ... confused with the relatively recent Westfield Shopping Centre on the other side of the City. This is near Shepherds Bush and White City, West London and was opened on October 30, 2008, at a cost of Ap1.6 million.

Title:The Flaming Bullet
Author:Aj Chapman
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-12-01


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