The Flesh Eaters

The Flesh Eaters

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Cannibalistic cave dwellers. Huge, terrifying clans roaming the moors, seeking out human flesh to rend and consume. It sounds like the horrors of prehistoric savages, but it falls well within recorded history of civilized men. The first half of the fifteenth century saw savagery and fear that erased the line between man and beast. Just eight miles east of the modern city of Edinburgh, Sawney Bean and his murderous family prowled the Scottish coasts, robbing travelers and consuming their victims. a€œSticka€b stocka€b stuck. Youa€™ve run out of luck. Kill... killa€b kill. We eat our fill, a€ they chant as they descend upon their prey. Therea€™s little the community can do but be hunted. This horrifying tale of nightmare-inducing monsters--inspired by true events--comes into stark reality in THE FLESH EATERS, an imaginative novel by Edgar Award winning author L.A. Morse. Beware, any readers faint of heart. Ita€™s those soft hearts that are the tenderest meat.Snow weighs downthe branchesof thetrees andliesin deep driftsonthe ground. ... Suddenly hestarts to run, but beforethe stagcanget up speed, a giant wolfsprings from the treesand leaps ontohisback. ... Thata#39;s the gray wolf ofthe forest. ... His expression still blank, Sawney Beane tucksthe ball under his The crowd ownarm. other boys around, but he does not seem to notice ... The child isabout tocry out, butSawney Beane takes him by the throatand fixeshim with an intense, piercing gaze.

Title:The Flesh Eaters
Author:L. A. Morse
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-04-01


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