The Flip Side

The Flip Side

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Flip Flippen is the most influential man you've never heard of. This personable Texan is the founder of The Flippen Group, one of the fastest-growing corporate and personal training companies in America, and his philosophy has touched the lives of some of the most powerful individuals in the country--from Wall Street leaders to top sports figures like Terry Bradshaw and his NASCAR team, and from Joel Osteen's team at Lakewood Church to the 150, 000 people who trained with Flip's company in 2005. Great advice for everyone, but particularly appealing to those who are taking stock of what they want to do with the rest of their lives, Flippen's approach is surprisingly simple. When we learn how to identify our qpersonal constraintsq and take the necessary steps to correct self-limiting behaviors, we will experience a dramatic surge in productivity, achieve things we have only dreamed of, and find greater happiness overall. Flippen has created a simple process to help readers find their greatest constraint (the results may be surprising!) and build a plan to help qflipq that weakness into a newfound strength.After listing these very specific behavioral steps, I then tell some of my team what I am working on andgivethem specific things that Iamgoing ... Why wouldna#39;t I let those who are gifted atthatpart of the process tell mewhat willwork andhow long and how much money itwilltake? ... I need to make these changes ifmy team isto perform better. ... In most casesagoodspouse cangiveyou alltheinsight you need for change, andagood friendcan do wonders at holdingyou accountable for doing it.

Title:The Flip Side
Author:Flip Flippen
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2007-12-06


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