The Flower Girls

The Flower Girls

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Identical twins Lily and Rose Flowers aren't from a rich family, but they lead a comfortable life in 1920s Rotherhithe with their mum and dad. The twins are the apple of their parents' eye, and each other's best friend - they always know what the other is thinking. Feisty Rose has a more rebellious nature than her sister, but it's never before interfered with their closeness. However, Rose's secret dissatisfaction with her humdrum lifestyle reaches a head when she meets the rich and handsome Rodger. To the shock of the Flowers family, she elopes with him to Gretna Green. Once Rose has the money and glamour she's always craved, nothing will persuade her to contact her family again; not even her father's death. And then, in the wake of the Wall Street Crash of 1929, everything changes. With her charmed life in shreds and with no one left to turn to, Rose is determined to build bridges those she has hurt the most. But can forgiveness be sought so easily - and can she ever truly escape her troubled past?ON MONDAY MORNING, Lily had her head down carefully arranging a table decoration when a young man behind her coughed, making her jump. a#39;Ia#39;m so sorry, a#39; he said. a#39;I didna#39;t mean to startle you.a#39; Lily straightened up and smiled. a#39; Thata#39;s allanbsp;...

Title:The Flower Girls
Author:Dee Williams
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-06-07


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