The Flu 2

The Flu 2

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A deadly flu pandemic has decimated humanity. Now, the remaining twenty percent of the population must rise from the ashes to rebuild. The losses are great and no one is immune to the residual heartache that lingers in the air of the barren cities. Life goes on. Mick Owens, struggling to come to terms with his own grief, takes his surviving young sons away from their hometown and the memories it holds. But their short trip to clear their minds turns ugly when the world outside of Lodi, Ohio isna€™t what they expected and they become separated. In a world without communication and power, a land without law and order, Mick desperately follows the trail in search of his missing sons. But in his attempts to find them, he discovers that even in a barren world, the danger of extinction still exists as another threat, one even bigger than the flu, is on the horizon.a€œTalk soon.a€ Lexi hung up the phone. a€œEverything okay?a€ Matt asked. a€œYes. That was the head of the CDC, and hea#39;s with a top virologist ... Wea#39;re gonna try to transfer images of our pneumonia bacteria or virus, whichever it is, to them, and maybe theya#39;ll be able to tell me what course to take to beat this. ... a€œDo you need help?

Title:The Flu 2
Author:Jacqueline Druga
Publisher:Permuted Press - 2013-11-25


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