The Fly-Fisher's Companion

The Fly-Fisher's Companion

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This book grew from the author's desire to consolidate the many teachings that he uses in his popular fly-fishing classes. It is a textbook that includes concise and selective commentary on tackle, casting, tactics, flies and fly tying, and other related topics. The word qcompanionq derives from a€œone with whom we share our bread.a€ After more than fifty years of fly fishing, the author would like to sit at the streamside and share these observations with readers. Here is the knowledge and understanding that he wished he had when he began fly fishing. While the handmade steel hooks, horsehair lines, and carefully crafted wooden loop-rods have long given way to nylon and fluorocarbon leaders, multipiece graphite rods, and synthetic lines, the fundamentals of the craft have remained basically the same. In The Fly-Fishera€™s Companion, the author carefully goes through all the basics, all within the context of modern fly-fishing situations. This companion may serve as a foundation or a supplement for fly-fishing instruction. It may also be a reminder or reference for the more experienced angler. As a retired educator, the author recognizes that instructors present material in different ways. Instructors may wish to select only those topics that fit their syllabus while omitting others. Over the years, these instructions and commentary have produced a host of competent fly fishers. We all learn by image, word, and action. Since the sepia days of Walton and Cotton, fly fishing has been an enthralling sport. And, as this companion hopefully makes clear, there is more to fishing than fish. There is an infinite amount of pleasure in learning a skill and doing it well.A Fundamental Guide to Tackle, Casting, Presentation, Aquatic Insects, and the Flies that Imitate Them Darrel Martin. length of aerialized linewould ... A15a€² cast witha 3-weight rod would require, according to theAFTMA scale, an 8-weight line. A15a€²cast ... The Cortland 444 Lazer Line 3-weightoccurs in DT andWF. The DT anbsp;...

Title:The Fly-Fisher's Companion
Author:Darrel Martin
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2014-11-18


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