The Formula

The Formula

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IgThe Formulaq is a suspense thriller that starts with a brutal murder on Ares, a large space station orbiting Mars in the year 2094. Doctors Leif Johanson and his daughter, Ingrid, have discovered the 'fountain of youth'. It's a new anti-aging drug, each vial worth $5 million denom on the black market. The drug can regenerate living cells and make anyone young again. There's just one problem. A powerful and ruthless drug producer named Ivan Hellstrom wants the discovery for himself. He tries to eliminate all those who get in his way. He murders the doctor, kidnaps Ingrid and steals the formula. One man apposes him, Homicide Detective Jack Helms. Jack has to rescue the daughter, bring the drug producer to justice and earn a second chance at life.a€œYou can check the databank for my birth date, schooling and other personal information.a€ a€œIngrid, you look ... Your fathera#39;s DNA analysis shows him to be in his early forties. How do you explain that?a€ Jack asked ... It takes about a month to complete the process. After taking ... a€œHow long do the effects of the drug last?a€ a€œWea#39;reanbsp;...

Title:The Formula
Author:Don Viecelli
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-07


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