The Foundations Are Crumbling!

The Foundations Are Crumbling!

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At some time or other we have all probably felt that things are getting on top of us, whether it is stress, depression, loneliness, disease, or the weight of temptation and guilt. And there are times when, for no apparent reason, we cannot seem to find the joy, peace and happiness that we used to know. The challenges facing youth and women today at home, in the community and workplace are immense. Let me remind you that, when the jar of your expectations begin to crack or already lies scattered in a thousand pieces, you desperately seek assistance. Dr Anniekie Ravhudzulo suggests realistic strategies of simple, down-to-earth faith to deal with obstacles, hurts and disasters. You have been created by God to be successful in every area of your life. The question is, Are you prepared to take hold of those strategies to overcome obstacles in your life? In this life changing book, she delivers powerful teaching to help you discern the lies of the enemy so that you can seize the truth of God's Word concerning your life. This encouraging message will motivate you to press beyond obstacles and limitations and start living according to the full potential God created you to achieve and enjoy. The truths outlined in this book will teach you that: O Life is full of challenges O You can't move on unless you let go of the past O Cheating a game in marriages O Women and time management O Don't wait for things to return to normalChapter Twelve Excuses for Cheating in Marriage aquot;When you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. aquot; Dakota tribal saying 12.0 ... It can be happiness around marriage and children or a life partner to spend life with. ... One female participant with 4 years experience in marriage raised a question aquot;What is it that makes their relationship last while others dona#39;t? A response fromanbsp;...

Title:The Foundations Are Crumbling!
Author:Anniekie Nndowiseni Ravhudzulo, Anniekie Ravhudzulo
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-03


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