The Fraser River Gold Rush of 1858

The Fraser River Gold Rush of 1858

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This book is about the gold rush which took place in the Fraser River and vicinity in 1858, which was within the British Possession and the Washington Territory, now called British Columbia and the State of Washington. This book covers the Fraser River Gold Rush from its infancy to what could be considered its conclusion, as viewed by the California newspapers. This book is somewhat unusual as it tells the chronological history of the gold rush as it unfolded and progressed, by using newspaper articles from that era. The news articles themselves were, in most cases, letters which had been written by many of the miners or correspondents who went to the area, either to dig for gold or report on what was happening. Many of the letters capture the experiences of the writer and his ordeal in trying to reach the gold fields, as well as the latest news of the day. Over 25% of the California miners would go to this place called the Fraser River, not believing in the perils and danger that awaited them until actually faced by them. As some would say, crossing the plains was nothing in comparison to trying to reach the gold fields of the Fraser River and vicinity. This book readily depicts their reason for saying to get there etc., but were only paying attention to the news which was being said by some, that gold existed; in great ... Four dollars per day for 300 days, is equal to eight dollars per day for 150 days, and the cost of living will make up the anbsp;...

Title:The Fraser River Gold Rush of 1858
Author:Lewis John Swindle
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2001


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