The Freys of Undair: The Failings of the Gods

The Freys of Undair: The Failings of the Gods

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When a person lives, but their memories die, they are born into a new life. Two groups of people are born into their new lives in an extraordinarily odd and complex series of caverns known as the Freys of Undair. The caves are an unfortunate source of reality. They bend to the presence of the living and provide no support for those who seek the truth. They govern dwellers through pandemonium and perversion and do not yield to ignorance or incomprehension. The two groups are told they are prisoners and guards, but their identities are only a hindrance. They will be crushed if they cannot look past themselves and their environment to forgo their very beings. Passion, reason, and amity must become sacrificial pillars to support the magnificent weight of the caves. If their wills are great enough to confront the failings of the Gods, they may both survive and escape from the Freys of Undair.Once Fan experiences enough different breeds of pathsa€”which takes quite a whilea€”he discovers how to get through. He must ... When the roar finally ends, it takes him a few minutes to even consider returning to the task at hand. Once Fan anbsp;...

Title:The Freys of Undair: The Failings of the Gods
Author:Tysior Civ - 2013-05-01


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