The Friday Gospels

The Friday Gospels

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It's Friday in the Leeke household, but this is no ordinary Friday: the Leekes are Lancastrian Mormons and tonight they will be welcoming back their son Gary from his two-year mission in Utah. His mother, Pauline, wants his homecoming to be perfect. Unfortunately, no one else seems to be following the script. In turn, the members of the family let us into their private thoughts and plans. There's teenage Jeannie, wrestling with a disastrous secret; her peculiar elder brother, Julian, who's plotting an exit according to his own warped logic; their father, Martin, dreaming of escape; and 'golden boy' Gary, who dreads his return. Then there's Pauline, who needs a doctor's help but won't ask for it. As the day progresses, a meltdown looms. Except that nothing goes according to anyone's plan, and the outcome is as unexpected as it is shocking. Laced with black humour and giving an unusual insight into the Mormon way of life, this is a superbly orchestrated and arresting tale of human folly and foibles and what counts in times of crisis.Andifyour body cools down, your muscles shorten and start to go back to sleep, and when the ball does come hurtling towards you, youa#39;re less likelyto ... Hea#39;sgot that look about himpeople have when theya#39;re pretending tobe listening, butjust waiting for you to get through your story so theycan say what they ... Hea#39;s got his back to me, and I jump down from the car andhe turns, gesturing atthe screwdriver.

Title:The Friday Gospels
Author:Jenn Ashworth
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-01-17


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