The Frog with Self-cleaning Feet

The Frog with Self-cleaning Feet

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Wild animals do the most extraordinary things. Some are exceptionally bright, use tools and solve complex problems. Others are devious: they cheat, steal and run protection rackets. There are social clubs, farms and farmers. There are animals with enormous appetites and those that self-medicate. Then we come across the extreme travellers: the highest flyers, the deepest divers and the fastest runners. But which animal is the most venomous, and which the most dangerous? Which has the loudest voice, the longest tongue, the biggest eyes or the most powerful bite? How do animals tell the time? How did the zebra get those stripes? And what is the most mysterious animal on Earth? The Frog with Self-cleaning Feet is a miscellany of fascinating animal anecdotes, facts and figures. The weird, the wonderful and the downright unbelievable of the animal world a€“ you couldna€™t make it up!... instant scratch repair on your car; the threelayered shell of an Indian Ocean deepsea snail Crysomallon squamiferum that ... read here, you can find a list of sources at my website WHATa#39;S IN A (SCIENTIFIC) NAME?

Title:The Frog with Self-cleaning Feet
Author:Michael Bright
Publisher:Biteback Publishing - 2012-09-13


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