The Fugitive

The Fugitive

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At some point of time in life, we are all confused. We think about our purpose of existence. What are we really born to do? Every human is born with a talent; what is my talent? What is my true passion? When we are stuck with this question and we donA•t get answers, we end up following the crowd. We become a common man. We no longer live to realize our passion; we live only to earn money. In other words, everyday we exist, not live...AbhinavA•s story was similarA‰till something happened...something that changed everything... Forever!Basically the beauty and attractiveness elevated further but apart from that she now even possessed HEAT. At least Abhinav felt it. It seemed she had acomplete make-over. Her hair was blonde and had a curly effect more like a wave;her face seemed brighter than normal. ... He may have becomethin but obviously hadno fame, was short-heighted, no unique personality, curly andunattractive hair.

Title:The Fugitive
Author:Raunak Todarwal


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