The Gastronomic Regenerator

The Gastronomic Regenerator

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At the request of several persons of distinction, who have visited the Reform Club, a€”particularly the ladies, to whom I have always made it a rule never to refuse anything in my power, for indeed it must have been the fair sex who have had the majority in this domestic argument to gain this gastronomical election, a€”Why do you not write and publish a Cookery-book? was a question continually put to me. For a considerable time this scientific word caused a thrill of horror to pervade my frame, and brought back to my mind that one day, being in a most superb library in the midst of a splendid baronial hall, by chance I met with one of Miltona€™s allegorical works, the profound ideas of Locke, and several chefs-da€™A“uvre of one of the noblest champions of literature, Shakspeare; when all at once my attention was attracted by the nineteenth edition of a voluminous work: such an immense success of publication caused me to say, a€œOh! you celebrated man, posterity counts every hour of fame upon your regretted ashes!a€ Opening this work with intense curiosity, to my great disappointment what did I see, a€”a receipt for Ox-tail Soup! The terrifying effect produced upon me by this succulent volume made me determine that my few ideas, whether culinary or domestic, should never encumber a sanctuary which should be entirely devoted to works worthy of a place in the Temple of the Muses. But you must acknowledge, respected readers, how changeable and uncertain are our feeble ideas through life; to keep the promise above mentioned, I have been drawn into a thousand gastronomic reflections, which have involved me in the necessity of deviating entirely from my former opinion, and have induced me to bring before the public the present volume, under the title of a€˜The Gastronomic Regenerator, a€™ throughout which I have closely followed the plain rules of simplicity, so that every receipt can not only clearly be understood, but easily executed. I now sincerely hope, Ladies, that I have not only kept my promise, but to your satisfaction paid tribute to your wishes. You have not forgotten, dear reader, the effect that monstrous volume, the said nineteenth edition, produced upon me, therefore I now sincerely beg of you to put my book in a place suited to its little merit, and not with Miltona€™s sublime Paradise, for there it certainly would be doubly lost.7), and three tablespoonfuls of white broth; reduce it over a sharp fire (keeping it stirred) until rather thickish, then add two ... Curry Sauce. Peel four large onions and two apples, slice, and put them into a stewpan, with a quarter of a pound ofanbsp;...

Title:The Gastronomic Regenerator
Author:Alexis Soyer
Publisher:SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, & CO - 2015-01-14


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