The Gathering of the Clan

The Gathering of the Clan

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From Walt Whitman's genius of America a common person comes an uncommon analysis of an American tragedy; the failure of its political system to produce government that truly governs, not simply rules. Average Americans increasingly are losing faith in our attenuating political parties. It doesn't seem to matter which party holds the reins of power, there's no difference in results. The status quo is locked in place, though America generally expresses dissatisfaction. The consequence: Political Independents increasing numbers of political Independents. Many people say the American Dream is no longer attainable. As an expression of lack of confidence in government, that's crystal clear; as a verdict on the ability of our political system to deliver good, effective government, that's unacceptable. The Gathering of the Clan explores the need for change in politics and shares innovative constructs to revitalize our two-party system. Thomas Richard Harry tackles the whos, whats, and whys of such issues as: Connection between public perception and the phenomenon of political Independents Roles of government and those who govern Values and ideologies and how they affect us individually and collectively Philosophical gorge between democracy and capitalism Fading relationship between political trust and political loyaltyThis translates to about 37 million Americans living a€œin povertya€ in 2004. ... and a€œ the distance between driving a used Hyundai Elantra and a new Jaguar XJ is well nigh undetectable compared with the difference between motoring and hikinganbsp;...

Title:The Gathering of the Clan
Author:Thomas Richard Harry
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009


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