The Geek Handbook

The Geek Handbook

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And the GEEKS shall inherit the earth! Although it may not be good for their pasty white skin, Geeks these days are enjoying a moment in the sun. From Pop Culture to High-Tech Everything, Geeks rule and everybody else, well, drools. Drawing on his own knowledge of being a geek for almost 30 years, author Alex Langley provides essential advice for growth and survival for the modern Geek, including the top five games to play on your phone while listening to boring graduation speeches. There are also quotes and anecdotes from classic Geek gods such as Bill Gates, Sheldon Cooper, Felicia Day, qWeirdq Al Yankovic and Dr. Who, that inspire all geeks to embrace not only your iPhones and Xboxes, but who you are. Let's face it, sometimes being the smartest person in the room isn't enough. And when it's not, The Geek Handbook can help. You'll discover: Basics on social interaction, both online and off. Fashion: just because you can wear socks and sandals doesn't mean you should. Making friends, making dinner, making babies. Warning signs your appliances might secretly be plotting against you. Geeky charities that give a +1 to your Light Side score. Geek girls: tips on interacting with or becoming one of these burgeoning beauties. So get your Geek on, and keep it on with The Geek Handbook.Therea#39;s a thin line between a leather jacket making you look cool and just making you think you look cool. ... Next time youa#39;re at a convention, or are looking through pictures of people at conventions, check out the color of every ... Geeks wear black because it makes us look thinner, dapper, and less sweaty, which is great.

Title:The Geek Handbook
Author:Alex Langley
Publisher:Krause Publications - 2012-10-24


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