The Genesis Beast II

The Genesis Beast II

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A year after our heroes had successfully beaten William and his Genesis beast, things started to get a little crazy. Nathan, William's heir to his father's castle and fortune, stayed behind and decided to live on his father's island. Nathan, even after the bittersweet demise of his father, knew he was in a very unusual place. His father had never had many guests, even by his closest living son, Nathan himself. This left Nathan to spend many hours touring the castle, trying to find his fortune. What he did find was suddenly vastly different from the wealth he sought. Will has stored some secret documents about another Genesis stone on earth that even caused Will to be cautious. Now Nathan was driven by the same greed to find this stone and retrieve it. Nathan had learned the language of the stone and was about to unleash a new beast. Driven by his own greed, Nathan saw an opportunity to own a beast with a new deadly power, one that no one on earth would suspect could be the entire world's demise. Will our heroes succeed this time, or will Nathan become the new god of the earth?Marcus travels through the air up and over the now rolling dearmorer #1 towards the upper part of the large trapdoor. Marcus(#1) manages to avoid dearmorer #1. At the same time, piston #1 pushes just slightly down on dearmorer#2, causing the gas bomb to explode as a result of ... trap door), to get it to continue its path across the floor and in the direction of the spiked wall at the far exit of the room. Alsoanbsp;...

Title:The Genesis Beast II
Author:Gerald Lattocha Jr.
Publisher:Author House - 2014-09-12


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