The Genius Code

The Genius Code

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Creative Genius is a universal thing--not just for some but for everyone! Master The Twelve Pillars of Creative Genius and seize your birthright, the right to qaccess and unleash your limitless creative genius potentialq at will. Creative genius is the qultimate personal power!q It flows constantly through your voices of inspiration a intuition. Master The Code, connect with these voices, and you will meet with an abundance a prosperity in your life that will literally--blow you away! Unlike many popular self-help books that seem to promise more and deliver less, The Genius Code will unlock within you a creative power that will enable you to qlive the ultimate dreamq--the ability to imagine, create, a manifest at will! Master these twelve steps and live your true destiny--a destiny of limitless creative expression a abundance! The distance between creative genius and you are simply matters of trust a focus--people of genius trust their inner worlds a focus on their visions--average folks trust the outside world and focus on someone else's vision! Master The Code and live qyour creative genius visionq--a vision worthy of you!The Twelve Pillars of Creative Genius Jerry Lodovico ... The secondary stone ofintegral reconstruction is the intention ofwholeness. ... All a€œHumptya€ needs to do is turn from his ignorance (arrogance/hubris) and return to a state of wisdom ( humility). ... The great Zen masters believe that the external universe (i.e., the world around you) is merely a reflection of your internal universe (i.e., the world within you).

Title:The Genius Code
Author:Jerry Lodovico
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-11


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