The Gentleman's Guide to Life

The Gentleman's Guide to Life

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Whether you're a sensitive, bookish type or a beer-guzzling Cyber-jock--or just an average guy--The Gentleman's Guide to Life is a perfect and indispensable primer on looking, living, and feeling good, answering all your questions about clothes, career, fitness, love, and lust. How do I move up without selling out? How do I help my friends (and crush my enemies)? How do I feed and care for my boss? What kind of suit should I wear? What kind of shoes do I wear with the suit? Socks? Do I really need to take my vitamins? Is this impotence or lack of interest? How much sleep do I need? How can I bluff my way through a wine list? What is Cubism? How much should I tip? What CDs should I have to relax? To seduce? Do I like her? Do I really, really like her? What does she mean I don't listen? How do I propose (or ask for the ring back)? Am I the best man I can possibly be? From the Trade Paperback edition.... and the pants not at all. That could have to do with the style of suit. The drop from chest to waist measurements in the American suit is seven inches, which means if you wear a 40 regular, youa#39;ll get ... But if a suit jacket puckers in the shoulders or drops too low or if it feels like a straitjacketa€”or if ita#39;s too short or too longa€”it doesna#39;t fit. Translation: Take it off and try another size. The details Make sure theanbsp;...

Title:The Gentleman's Guide to Life
Author:Steve Friedman
Publisher:Crown Archetype - 2007-12-18


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