The Geology of Central Europe: Precambrian and palaeozoic

The Geology of Central Europe: Precambrian and palaeozoic

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Volume 1 focuses on the evolution of Central Europe from the Precambrian to the Permian, a dynamic period which traces the formation of Central Europe from a series of microcontinents that separated from Gondwana through to the creation of Pangaea. Separate summary chapters on the Cadomian, Caledonian and Variscan orogenic events as well as on Palaeozoic magmatism provide an overview of the tectonic and magmatic evolution of the region. These descriptions sometimes extend beyond the borders of Central Europe to take in the Scottish and Irish Caledonides as well as the Palaeozoic successions in the Baltic regionChen, F., Todt, W. aamp; Hann H. P. 2003. ... Ford. M.. Murphy. F. X.. Trayner. P. M. aamp; Oa#39;Sullivan M. 1986. Structural evolution of the Irish Variscides. Journal of the Geological ... The effect of Late Caledonian and Variscan continental escape tectonics on basement structure. ... of mesothermal. orogenic mineralization in a low-angle reverse shear zone in the Lower Palaeozoic of the Anglo-Brabant fold belt.

Title:The Geology of Central Europe: Precambrian and palaeozoic
Author:Tom McCann
Publisher:Geological Society of London - 2008


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