The Geometry of Creation

The Geometry of Creation

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This book offers a new perspective on Gothic architectural creativity. It shows, in a series of geometrical case studies, how Gothic design evolved over time, in two senses: in the hours of the draftsman's labour, and across the centuries of the late Middle Ages. In each case, a series of computer graphics show how a medieval designer could have developed his architectural concept step by step, using only basic geometrical operations. Taken together, these analyses demonstrate remarkable methodological continuity across the Gothic era, and the development of sophisticated permutations on venerable design themes.The builders of the actual facade block, though, had good reason to work in the other direction, taking the span of the existing ... In practice, therefore, the builders of the Strasbourg facade evidently decided to modify the geometry of Plan B, ... In the present facade plan, though, the tips of the stars exactly touch the circles rather than overlapping them, thanks to the ... way for the rose window, which falls much lower in the present facade than it does in Plan B. This revision, of course, anbsp;...

Title:The Geometry of Creation
Author:Robert Odell Bork
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2011


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