The Gift of the Church

The Gift of the Church

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As the Church enters its third millennium, it must take stock of its identity and mission. These essays in The Gift of the Church address the fundamental issues confronting the Church in its immediate future. Their authors represent the most prominent ecclesiologists of our time. Written in honor of Patrick Granfield, O.S.B., these essays form a textbook for classes in ecclesiology. They also are a useful tool for those engaged in various ministries in the Church to update themselves on the theology of different aspects of the Church. The first section of essays discusses ecclesiology in its historical development as well as its methodology; the second examines various aspects of the Church; and the third part presents the life and work of Patrick Granfield. The essays are clearly written and based on solid and extensive scholarship. Ecclesiology has been the central theme of theological reflections since Vatican II and may continue to be in the next millennium. This textbook fulfills in part Pope John Paul II's vision for the Jubilee Year, when Christians, qwith a profound sense of commitment . . . will likewise express their gratitude for the gift of the Church.q Essays and authors in Part One: Ecclesiology in Historical Context are qTheologies of the Church in the New Testament, q by Frank J. Matera; qThe Development of Ecclesiology: Early Church to the Reformation, q by Eric Plumer; qThe Development of Ecclesiology: Modernity to the Twentieth Century, q by Michael J. Himes; qThe Significance of Vatican Council II for Ecclesiology, q by Joseph A. Komonchak; qThe Ecclesiology of John Paul II, q by Avery Dulles; qEcumenical Ecclesiology, q by Michael A. Fahey; and qTheological Method for Ecclesiology, q by Pedro Rodrquez. Essays and authors in Part Two: Contemporary Ecclesiology are qThe Church as Communion, q by Susan K. Wood; qThe Church as Worshiping Community, q by Gerard Austin; qThe Ecclesial Dimension of Anthropology, q by Michael J. Scanlon; qThe Ecclesial Dimension of Spirituality, q by George Tavard; qThe Evangelizing Mission of the Church, q by Francis A. Sullivan; qSalvation Outside the Church, q by John P. Galvin; qThe Social Mission of the Church: Its Changing Context, q by T. Howland Sanks; qMinistries in the Church, q by John Ford; qThe Papacy, q by Richard P. McBrien; qThe Episcopacy, q by Hermann J. Pottmeyer; qThe Teaching Office of the Church, q by John P. Boyle; qThe Church and the Law, q by Thomas J. Green; qThe Laity, q by Jon Nilson; qWomen and the Church, q by Sara Butler; and qMary and the Church, q by Frederick M. Jelly. Essays and authors in Part Three: A North American Ecclesiology: The Theological Achievement of Patrick Granfield are qPatrick Granfield: A Biographical Essay, q by David Granfield; qA North American Ecclesiology: The Achievement of Patrick Granfield, q by Peter C. Phan; and qBibliography of Patrick Granfield, q compiled by David Granfield. The book also includes an introduction by Peter Phan and a list of abbreviations.?. . . worthy of its honoree, Fr. Patrick Granfield of Catholic University of America. . . . This work brings ecclesiology one step further along the trajectory of Vatican II and provides a solid foundation for a better understanding of how the church can eventually be one. Granfield?s colleagues contribute scriptural, historical, theological and spiritual background for a synthesis of what ecclesiology should be today.? EmmanuelqThis will be a particularly useful volume in ecumenical discussions. It will be an invaluable resource for preachers and teachers who want to witness to the doctrine of the Church and its discussion today.q National Christian Reporter?. . . a gift to teachers of church history. The essays cannot help but stir up lively discussions. Peter Phan should be complimented for his work as editor and contributor. Adult religious education and college/university courses in theology have truly been blessed by this work!? Kenan B. Osborne, O.F.M. Franciscan School of Theology?A valuable book which is many things. A commemoration of Patrick Granfield?s efforts in giving courageous, new directions to the theology of church authority; a celebration of the renewal of the church, local and universal, by American ecclesiologists of the decades during and since Vatican II like Granfield, Richard McBrien, Michael Fahey, and Joseph Komonchak; a presentation of the theology of the church as a much needed general textbook.? Thomas O?Meara, O.P. University of Notre Dame?A useful, up to date, rather classic handbook of Catholic ecclesiology.? Louvain StudiesThe essays cannot help but stir up lively discussions. Peter Phan should be complimented for his work as editor and contributor. Adult religious education and college/university courses in theology have truly been blessed by this work!

Title:The Gift of the Church
Author:Patrick Granfield, Peter C. Phan
Publisher:Liturgical Press - 2000


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