The Gifted Ones: A Reader (Book 1)

The Gifted Ones: A Reader (Book 1)

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The Story (Book One) Elodie Eggleston is nerdy, awkward, and shya€”just like a lot of other teenage girls. Or so her overprotective Aunt Grace would have her believe. But a frightening encounter with the handsome new boy in town starts Ellie on a path to uncovering her true identity and a certain genetic gift she never knew she had. In less than twenty-four hours, Ellie and her aunt are whisked away from their staid city life to a mysterious mountain retreata€bwhere nothing and no one is quite what they seem. At first, Ellie embraces this enchanting new world and her new, gifted friends and cana€™t understand why Aunt Grace is so anxious to leave, but soon, Ellie learns that a€œdifferenta€ isna€™t always better, and sometimes, it means running for your life. The Series The Gifted Ones is an episodic series, with each book running 60, 000 to 90, 000 words in length (250 to 350 paperback pages). Each episode is a complete story in itself, but leaves a€œdangling threadsa€ to be resolved in later episodes. The stories are chronological and connected with recurring characters, so you will want to read them in order, similar to many action/adventure/mystery series on television. Series Content The Gifted Ones series is intended for an audience that is 16+. It does contain some violence and sexuality, but nothing graphic, gory, or explicit. It should be acceptable reading material for anyone from 16 to 106. Keywords: Mystery, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Genetic Engineering, Paranormal Mystery, Paranormal Romance, Action Adventure, Women's Fiction, Women's Adventure, YA Romance, Science Fiction Romance, Science Fiction Adventure, Sci Fi Adventure, Sci Fi Romance, Hispanic RomanceThey get all put out with me. ... great to have around when you find yourself in need of an automatic chicken feeder or an ultrasonic dishwasher that wona#39;t break fine china. ... can this thing make a cup of good oldfashioned black coffee, strong ?

Title:The Gifted Ones: A Reader (Book 1)
Author:Maria Elizabeth Romana
Publisher:Research Triangle Publications - 2014-07-18


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