The Gifted Sistas

The Gifted Sistas

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As Trina gets ready for her High School class reunion her husband The Great Keneen Jackson retired All Star football player is M.I.A. she wonders where he could be on this very important night, but little does she know that when she meets her old High School crush at the class reunion, that her faith, marriage, and family will be tested by temptation. Meanwhile Traci, Trinaa€™s sister, is living in her perfect home with her first love Eric Keller, whom she married and believes she cannot live without. Until a troubling dark secret reveals who Traci really married, this will leave her questioning her morals, beliefs, and even herself. Across town Tosha, Tracia€™s twin sister, is the complete opposite of Traci and Trina. Tosha doesna€™t trust men and vowed to never get married after witnessing what her two sisters go through. Tosha is holding on to hurt and anger from her past. While she runs from love, commitment and her spiritual gift, Big Momma continues to wait for Tosha to let go and open her heart to the gift that all three sistera€™s share.a€œMy children dona#39;t understand the type of power that it has, the internet should have a warning sign sold with each computer ... Trina could see the sorrow in Big Mommaa#39;s face as she spoke of her children. a€œThey put too much trust in man and not enough trust in me, and when it fails my chile Ia#39;m telling you now it will fail one anbsp;...

Title:The Gifted Sistas
Author:Lady Sophia
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-08-27


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