The Girl Factory

The Girl Factory

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Ita€™s 1985 in a small factory town near Pittsburgh. Eight-year-old Karena€™s parents are lifelong workers at the Anchor Glass plant, where one Saturday, an employee goes on a shooting spree, killing four supervisors, then himself. This event splits the young girla€™s life open, and like her mother, she begins to seek comfort in obsessive rituals and superstitions. This beautifully evocative memoir chronicles the next fourteen years, as Karen moves through girlhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. It illuminates small-town factory life; explores a complicated mother-daughter bond; thoughtfully unfolds a smart, but insecure girla€™s coming of age; achingly recounts her attempts to use sex to fit in; and ultimately uncovers the buried secret from her childhooda€”a medical file with an unbearable report. The Girl Factory deftly travels the intersections of memory and origin. Karena€™s body remembers details her mind has tried to control. As the young woman mines her interior landscape for answers, certain questions persist. Where does memory livea€”in the body or the mind? And can you rewrite the story of your past?In my family we use leftover brown grocery bags from Warehouse Grocera€” ies to cover textbooks. Ita#39;s almost like ... My book covers are usually bare, with only the name of the subject written in black magic marker. ... a€œDoes this make me a slut?

Title:The Girl Factory
Author:Karen Dietrich
Publisher:Globe Pequot - 2013-10-01


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