The Girl Who Rode Dolphins

The Girl Who Rode Dolphins

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A novel of epic adventure, treacherous risk, and resolute hope. WITHIN A POVERTY-STRICKEN LAND WHERE DEATH AND MISERY RUN UNCHECKED. He has come to fulfill a solemn promise made to a comrade-in-arms killed in the mountains of Tora Bora. He is the consummate warrior, bold and courageous, daring to the point of recklessness. But fate intercedes, and Jake Javolyn finds himself the protector of the most incredible life forms the Earth has ever produced. IN A HIDDEN COVE TEEMING WITH LIFE, FANTASTIC RICHES ABOUND BENEATH CALM WATERS. A beautiful girl and her Haitian mentor are not prepared for the violence and greed about to overtake them. ON A TINY ISLAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CARIBBEAN, JAKE AND THE GIRL FIND THEMSELVES ON A PERILOUS MISSION. They must confront overwhelming odds where insidious forces are at work to unleash a monstrous plot aimed at changing the world forever.Fixed in place above the sixty was an MK-23 Stoner, another rapid- fire weapon that had been popular with the Seals during the Vietnam War. Manufactured by Cadillac ... Operation of the Stoner, by contrast, was all manual. A cable guideanbsp;...

Title:The Girl Who Rode Dolphins
Author:Michael J. Ganas
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-06-06


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