The Girl's Guide to Vampires

The Girl's Guide to Vampires

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The good news is: Hea€™s tall, dark, and handsome. The bad news is: Hea€™s a bloodsucking creature of the night. Not to mention arrogant, predatory, and immortal. Whata€™s a girl to do? No worriesa€”in this guide, girls learn everything they need to know about these romantic rogues, including how to: Know when theya€™ve met a vampire Avoid falling prey to a nightstalkera€™s charms Resist even the most aggressive advances Protect themselves against the undead Destroy a vampirea€”using everything from holy water to decapitation Complete with a review of vampire books, TV shows, and films as well as accounts of real-life encounters with vampires, this book is all girls need to surrender to the nighta€”and still make sure theya€™re around to see another day! Barb Karg (Pacific Northwest) is a veteran journalist, author, screenwriter and lifelong vampire aficionado currently at work on a vampire novel. Shea€™s authored or coauthored twenty-two books.Though ita#39;s only just begun, HBO has high hopes for its new vampire series, True Blood, based on the Sookie Stackhouse series ... After the airing of the first two episodes, it was announced that True Blood would return for a second season.

Title:The Girl's Guide to Vampires
Author:Barb Karg
Publisher:Adams Media - 2008-12-17


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